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Two Friends

Two friends graduated college at the same time.

Both had good grades, similar ambitions, and were out to change the world.

Upon graduating each had job offers of $100,000 or more to work at their respective "dream jobs."

After some deliberation, one decided to take the job offer...

...and the other, took the advice of a "rogue mentor," deciding instead to continue building the tiny business he started in college.

As the years passed, these two friends journeys looked surprisingly similar.

Both worked hard, made good money, and were considered "successful" by their friends and family.

The one who took the corporate job consistently worked 60 hour weeks, but cherished his 2 yearly vacations... where he could escape his responsibilities.

The other also worked 60 hour weeks (for the first few years), but was able to create a life where he could travel and pursue his passions as he pleased.

Having lost touch, the two ran into each other by chance.

As they shared their stories over drinks, it was apparent their different paths had changed them.

When one asked the other, "What does success look like to you?"

The corporate one said: "Making enough money to retire and buy a yacht."

The other said: "Making enough to live life on my own terms."

After a brief moment of silence the two friends looked at each other and smiled...

As you may have guessed, I am the one who didn't take the corporate job...

... and today I want to be the rogue mentor who challenges you to take the path less traveled so you too can start living life on your own terms.

To your success,

A Business and A Life?

When I was young, my goal was to make a billion dollars.


Back then I was pretty sure a billion dollars would be enough to live a happy life, buy an endless supply of cheetos, and as many video games as I wanted.

As the years passed, not only has my diet evolved, but perspective on life has too.

Let me explain:

Just because you make a lot of money, doesn't mean you'll get to spend your energy on what really matters to you.

This is a lesson I learned first hand and the experience wasn't pretty.

In 2010, I found myself sitting at home alone on a Friday night when my accountant called with some good news.

I had just broken my "stretch" financial goal for the year and it was only the middle of March.

My business was making more money than I thought possible, but as I heard the news a little voice whispered "what's the point?"

By all of the "external metrics," my life was a huge success, but on the inside I felt like a total failure.

This was the beginning of the rabbit hole.

The months that followed were some of the darkest of my life.

For years, I had put all of my focus into making money and building a business, while neglecting the important things.

Since the breakdown, I've re-engineered my life drastically. While the businesses I'm involved in still make great money, making lots of money isn't the sole purpose of my life.

Don't get me wrong, money is great, but if you can't spend your energy how you want to spend it, then you don't truly live a rich life.

With this key lesson behind me, I'm now on a mission to help entrepreneurs (like you) build their businesses in a way that gives them more freedom.

What to Expect from Me

Weekly I publish guides and videos about entrepreneurship, marketing, and following the road less traveled — each of which is designed to help you engineer your business around your life.

If this sounds good to you, then you're in good company and you should subscribe for email updates.

These posts aren't your traditional, "how to start a business" that promise to take your business from 0-60mph in no time...

...instead I'm interested in helping you take your already thriving business from 20-120mph, while still having a life.

Nick Reese's Energy Map for 2014

Prior Years

Nick Reese's Energy Map for 20132013
Nick Reese's Energy Map for 20122012
Nick Reese's Energy Map for 20112011
Nick Reese's Energy Map for 20102010
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Energy Maps?

Energy maps are a simple tool I've developed to help me get clear on how I want to devote my energy. I find them to be a useful reminder of what I should be focusing on and what's just noise.

Engineering Freedom

The Path of Least Resistance

9-5 Work


Business Owner

After helping over 100 entrepreneurs engineer their freedom since 2010, the path above is the easiest to follow if you want to start living life on your own terms.

This path is also the backbone of what I write and make videos about.

Expect to learn everything from how to build a successful freelancing career, to marketing your business, to the psychology of living an uncommonly good life.

If you're looking for get-rich quick and make money without working stuff, you're on the wrong site.

Who is Nick Reese?

The Unfiltered Backstory

The life of an entrepreneur is messy... and my story is no different.

In the podcast below, you'll hear the vulnerable, unedited back-story of my life including the dramatic, emotional, and "unpretty" events that have shifted my focus from making a ton of money to having an impact.

I've included this podcast here to show you that while it's easy to make your life seem "perfect" online, often it's what's going on behind the scenes that matters most.

Huge thanks to Srini Rao for being such a great host.

Picture of me after ringing the bell at the NASDAQ. This photo taken in Times Square.

Yardena and I in Sedona, AZ. Just one of our many adventures in 2012 and 2013. In total we visited over 19 countries and lived in 3.

The Skip Winter 2013 crew donating two years of diabetes supplies to a Mayan village. (Shogo Garcia and Benny Lewis Pictured)

At the launch of BroadbandNow.com with my best friend and co-founder Duane in Austin, TX.

An early "business" photo of me taken in 2006 just weeks after launching my email marketing business. Ironically this was taken at the Florida state senate where I was also intering at the time.

One of my (almost) daily rituals in addition to taking cold showers, drinking tea, and dancing with Yardena.


Just the Important Stuff

The 10,000 foot view of my entrepreneurial life

  • Find Broadband

    Find Broadband

    February, 2017

    Businesses searching for business internet service have a unique set of problems. This tool is streamlined to help make their lives easier.

  • Broadband Now

    Broadband Now

    January, 2014

    Easily Research, Compare, and Shop Internet Service in Your Neighborhood. So far we've crunched over 1,000,000,000 (that is a billion) rows of data to make this site possible.
    BroadbandNow.com →

  • Meeting Yardena

    Met Yardena

    June, 2012

    It's not every day you meet the girl of your dreams. The photo above is from the day we met in Barcelona. I'm such a lucky guy.

  • Skip Winter

    Skip Winter Conference

    2012 & 2013

    A life changing annual retreat and mastermind for entrepreneurs in a warm location. (Currently on hiatus).

  • PhotoDropper


    2012-Present (Side Project)

    Find the best photos for your blog in seconds. This WordPress plugin has been used on over 130,000 sites.
    PhotoDropper.com →

  • Tax Receipts


    2011-2012 (Side Project)

    Simplifying taxes for small business. Now run exclusively by Kyle Durand.
    TaxReceipts.com →

  • Traffic and Trust

    Traffic and Trust

    Published 2011

    How to Turn Traffic and Trust into Sales was created as a plain English guide to affiliate marketing. It's a little dated now that is 2017, but 2011 it was "before it's time."

  • Microbrand

    Microbrand Media


    We build insanely useful tools and site run over 100 different web assets including Art of Blog and Forget Your Resume

  • Auto Loans

    Auto Loan Business


    A second business I started with my Dad while I was in college. To date we've helped over 150k people with bad credit get auto loans while cutting out the loan sharks.

  • Gwun


    2006-2010 (1st real business)

    Absurdly effective email marketing for real estate. This was the freelancing business that I started under a bunk bed in a fraternity house. In 4 years I scaled this business to $100k/year, served over 400 realtors and marketed thousands of luxury properties. This was the training ground that started it all.

  • T-shirt Company

    T-Shirt Company


    We made fun college t-shirts, shutdown 9 months in due to legal issues. I lost my shirt, both literally and figuratively.

Professional Bio

is an online marketing expert who inspires individuals to take their business and life to the next level through his actionable marketing and personal psychology advice.

Having built several successful businesses, Nick is currently the CEO of Microbrand Media, a company specializing in building highly profitable web assets.

Nick has personally mentored over 100 entrepreneurs who have gone on to build businesses with more than $100k in revenue. He has also spoken at the White House about building a business in a tough economy.

Nick is an active startup advisor specializing in customer acquisition and affiliate marketing strategy.

Nick has been featured in Forbes.com, Mashable, TechCrunch, The Washington Post, Inc.com, MSNBC, OPEN Forum, and more.


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