How to Optimize Your Contact Page to Get More Leads and Sales

Most contact pages suck, lessons from evaluating 1,866 website's contact forms.

After surveying 1,886 websites in the design, development, advertising, and coaching verticals we found that only 8.7% of these companies used any pre-qualification questions on their contact or "hire me" pages.

Additionally we found that almost 40% of them had lackluster statements such as "please contact us" or "we'd love to hear from you"...

... and that nearly 38% of companies offered just an email address or a tiny contact form buried at the bottom of their website.

Our goal in creating this video and infographic is to bring awareness to the plague of mediocre contact pages and how they are directly impacting many creative entrepreneur' businesses.

The guide below isn't meant to be definitive, but if your current contact form is just collecting your potential client's contact information, you're definitely losing out on sales.

Perfect Contact Form

Having trouble reading the infographic? Or want to print it? Click here to get it as a PDF.

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Published: 2014-03-19