Nick Reese's Projects

A look back at my professional life along with what I'm working on today.

Find Energy


At Find Energy we're out to bring transparency to the energy industry. Easily look up the emissions, production, and sales data for all of the electric companies in the US. We also show you availability, average monthly bill and so much more.



Elder.js is an opinionated SEO focused static site generator for Svelte. Initially it was used to build Instead of keeping it private I decided to open it up to help others. This site is built with Elder.js.

Elder Guide


Crunching more than 2 billion rows of government data to help families make informed decisions around senior care.

Business Internet


Businesses searching for business internet service have a unique set of problems. This tool is streamlined to help make their lives easier.



Easily Research, Compare, and Shop Internet Service in Your Neighborhood. So far we've crunched over 1,000,000,000 (that is a billion) rows of data to make this site possible.

Skip Winter Conference

2012 & 2013

A life changing annual retreat and mastermind for entrepreneurs in a warm location.



A WordPress plugin to find Creative Commons or stock photos for your website. This WordPress plugin has been used on over 130,000 sites.

Met My Wife


Not really a project, but it's not every day you meet the girl of your dreams. The photo above is from the day we met. #partnerInCrime #soulmate


A tool to help small businesses and freelancers simplify their bookkeeping come tax season.

Traffic and Trust


How to Turn Traffic and Trust into Sales was created as a plain English guide to affiliate marketing. It's a little dated now, but in 2011 it was "before it's time."

Microbrand Media


A company built with long time friend and business partner Duane Anderson. Between 2009 and 2019 we built 14 web assets ranging from tiny affiliate plays to major startups.

Auto Loan Business


A business I started with my Dad while I was in college (in addition to Gwun). During it's years we've helped over 150k people with bad credit get auto loans while cutting out the loan sharks.



Absurdly effective email marketing for real estate. This was the freelancing business that I started under a bunk bed in a fraternity house. In 4 years I scaled this business to 100k/year, served over 400 realtors and marketed thousands of luxury properties. This was the training ground that started it all.

T-Shirt Company


We made fun college t-shirts, shutdown 9 months in due to legal issues. I lost my shirt, both literally and figuratively.

Published: 2020-09-02